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21 Things You Need For Second Baby Registry List

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Congratulations, mama! You’re about to bring new life into the world all over again, which means it’s time to start making that checklist of all the things you need for your second baby. Thankfully, it’s a lot less than the first time!

By the time my second baby was on his way, the confusion I had as a first time mom about what I actually needed was long gone.


I already had all the “big stuff”.

So when it came time to make my second baby registry list, I found that everything I needed was really quite essential.

Because of this, I only had a baby sprinkle (very small shower) when I was pregnant with baby number two.

So if you plan to do the same and have been wondering, “Do I need a baby sprinkle registry?”

The answer is YES!

Even if you’re not having a baby shower AT ALL, I recommend you make a second baby registry anyways for a couple reasons:

  • You can add all the things you need for second baby in one place. It’s like having an organized checklist, which becomes a one-stop shop when you’re ready to purchase.
  • When friends and family ask you what you need, instead of trying to remember off the top of your pregnancy brained head, you can refer them to your second baby registry list.

So go ahead and start your baby registry here if you haven’t done so already.

This is a comprehensive list of second baby must haves whether you’re about to have two under two or a 6 year old and newborn.

(If there are a lot of years between your first and second kid and you didn’t keep stuff from the first, then I recommend you read this post too.)

Now onto the second baby essentials!

Second Baby Registry List Must Haves


I received waaaay too many newborn diapers for my first baby, and we both know how fast they grow out of those. So when it came time to make my second baby registry, I only registered for Size 1 and 2 diapers.

If you anticipate having a lot of gift givers, it might even be preferable to do a diaper fund (one of the perks of using Amazon baby registry). That way you can get exactly what you need and you’re not left wondering what to do with an oversupply.


Wipes are the one thing you can never have too many of! Especially in those first few months when you’re changing baby’s diaper ten times a day. Make sure to add a huge box (or two) of your favorite wipes to your second baby registry list.

Diaper Rash Ointment

Speaking of replenishing your diaper changing station, go ahead and add diaper rash ointment to the checklist. I’ve always loved me some good ol’ butt paste (plus, this tub here will last you all year).

Diaper Pail Refills

If you have a diaper pail hiding in the closet, get ready to bring that bad boy back out. Depending upon which pail you have, you can register for Diaper Genie refills here or find Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper pail refills here.

As a second time mom, I started putting pee diapers in a regular garbage can and only the stinky, poopie ones in the diaper pail. This way you won’t have to constantly empty the diaper pail and you’ll save a lot of money on refill bags.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

My firstborn was exclusively breastfed and there was a short period that he would take a bottle (until he wouldn’t 😒) so it was always nearly impossible for me to be away from him for very long. So when baby number two arrived, I was adamant that we would keep up on a bottle a day so that I could escape for some “me time” now and then. So whatever your reason is for pumping, grab some breast milk storage bags and make that freezer stash.

Baby Wash

Remember how delicate newborn skin is? All that flaky skin at first, cradle cap and then if you’re really “blessed”, ongoing eczema.

Both my boys have struggled with eczema since the beginning. I recently started using this wash/lotion set that is safe for both baby and big kid. It’s more expensive, but since it keeps their skin free from eczema, then I find it worth the price.

Infant Tylenol

When your second baby arrives, you can count on their older sibling bringing home lots of germs from school, the playground or wherever. And then as hard as you’ll try to keep your sick kid away from the new baby they’ll find some way to sneeze right next to baby. Yup. Best to keep some Infant Tylenol in the medicine cabinet.

Gripe Water

If you didn’t know about Gripe Water as a first time mom, let me tell you my experience firsthand.

Our firstborn had major gas issues and our second, terrible hiccups. Just a little bit of this stuff was like MAGIC. It was the only way to help with the painful gas our baby was having when bicycle legs and tummy massage didn’t work. And it provides relief instantly.

I always gift it to my new expecting mom friends because I love it that much.


When I found out our second baby was going to be another boy with a due date only a month off from our first son’s birthday I thought, “Yay, he can wear all his brother’s clothes!” Turns out this was not totally correct.

He “blew up” overnight and was so much chunkier than our first. We also had a terrible Spring when he was born so he needed more long sleeve clothing (and what we had was short sleeve from our first).

So suffice to say, even in this scenario you’ll need a few things.

If you’re second baby is going to be a different gender than your first or the same gender but born in a completely different season, you’ll need to plan for that as well.

Time to dig out the clothes you already have and get nesting to see what you can re-use and what you need to put on your second baby registry list.

Things You Need For Second Baby That You Can’t Re-Use

Remember how super clean everything has to be for newborns?

The following items on the checklist are ones that you should not re-use with your second baby as they can contain harmful bacteria.

Bottle Nipples

While baby bottles themselves are ok to re-use (so long as they’re BPA free and not degraded), you’ll need to register for new bottle nipples.

Pump Parts

You can re-use your breast pump for your second baby, but some of the pump parts need to be replaced. (Or if you need a new pump, you can get one for free here with your insurance card).

Important pump parts to replace include the valves, membranes and tubing.

Bottle Brush

Make sure you also have a new bottle brush for washing your newborn’s bottles and pump parts. Keep that gross old dish sponge away!


Baby pacifiers also need to be replaced for sanitation reasons. I never used pacifiers with my babies, so add your favorites!


Baby teeth can come in as early as 3 months (yikes!) and once they do, you’ve got to start brushing. We have this banana toothbrush, which also works great as a teether. Win win!

Nasal Aspirator

I’m sure you’re experienced by now with the joy of sucking snot out of your child’s nose. Now times that by two when your eldest starts sharing germs with the new baby. Just make sure to get your second baby their own nasal aspirator. I have this one here, which I like because I can rinse it out easily and throw it in the dishwasher when I’m done.

Two Under Two Must Haves For Your Second Baby Registry List

If baby number one is still a baby or toddler, you’ll definitely want to put these additional two under two must haves on your second baby registry list. Some of these might even apply if your oldest is under 4 years old.

Double Stroller

Before the new baby comes, you’ll need to upgrade to a double stroller. What kind will really depend on the age of your firstborn.

If you have 2 under 2, you’ll need something like this so that baby can be in his infant car seat in the stroller and your toddler can still ride comfortably enough to fall asleep.

When I gave birth, my oldest was about to turn 3, so we thought a double stroller with a sit/stand option for him would be ideal. We had the Chicco Keyfit infant car seat already so registered for the Chicco Bravo For2 (we still love it a year later).

If you don’t anticipate your firstborn needing to sit in a stroller for much longer, you can always just purchase a buggy board attachment for your current infant stroller.

Changing Pad

When you have two kids in diapers, consider getting a second changing pad. Unless you do diaper changes for both in a common room like the living room, I’d have one for each child’s room. Then don’t forget to add extra changing pad covers as well.

Add-on Camera

If your current monitor system allows you to add on a camera, great! Otherwise, get yourself one of these baby monitor systems with split screens so you can keep an eye and an ear out for both little ones.

I still keep a camera on my 4 year old even though he’s perfectly capable of coming in and out of his room. Sometimes he calls out for his water bottle or cries in the night when he has a fever, so it’s helpful having the split screen even at his age.

Car Seat

You know baby won’t be in his infant car seat for too long (which presumably you still have from baby #1). Best to have another one ready to go for the next stage.

We have the Graco 4Ever which is an all-in-one car seat, meaning it converts so you can use it from birth until the day your kid doesn’t need a booster at all anymore. It’s awesome!

Pack N Play

If you have 2 under 2, I’m guessing baby #1 is still sleeping in the crib (or at least I’m hoping for your sake they haven’t climbed out yet!).

The question is:

Will baby #1 be out of the crib and in a toddler or twin bed by the time you’re ready to transition baby #2 into the crib? Or if not, do you need a pack n play? Extra sheets?

Anyways, something to think about when preparing where your second baby will sleep as he grows.

Final Thoughts On Second Baby Registry List

I hope you enjoyed my checklist of second baby registry must haves and added what you needed to your baby registry.

Now that you’ve got baby’s needs taken care of, what about you?

After baby #2 arrives, you’ll need some things for yourself to help you through the postpartum healing process as well.

If you want to, you can put those postpartum care items on your second baby registry list too. Check out this post here to refresh your memory on everything you’ll need.

Happy nesting, mama!

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