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17 Baby Easter Basket Ideas That Are Super Cute (And Practical!)

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Easter is approaching fast, and I’ve been asking myself what I should put in my baby’s Easter basket this year. My sons have March and April birthdays, so with Easter right in between, I don’t want to feel like we’re going to be on toy overload this Spring. My goal for Easter this year is to make sure I’m really intentional about what I’m putting in their Easter baskets. So today I’m going to share some baby Easter basket ideas that are both adorable and practical for baby (you know, stuff baby actually needs or will definitely use!).

Baby Easter Basket Books

Early reading is so important, which is why I’m definitely going to put an Easter book in my baby’s basket. My little guy loves interactive books especially the ones with flaps. But any sensory book is great for baby, really.

Here are some fantastic books we already own that would be darling in a baby Easter basket:

Something Soft For Baby’s Easter Basket


What would a baby Easter basket be without something soft and cuddly?! My son currently has a couple socks in his crib that he snuggles LOL (we used them on his hands so he wouldn’t scratch his eczema and eventually he learned to pull them off and now they’re his “loveys”). I’m hoping we can transition to an actual snuggler this Easter since he will be turning 1. I love the Bearington Baby brand for snugglers, and they make this one called wee lamby that is just precious. It would be so cute in baby’s first Easter basket.

Classic Bunny

If a bunny stuffie is more your jam, then check out this classic bunny by Jellycat. My older son has had this since he was a baby, and I’m telling you it is soooooo soft. Your little one might want to bring her new friend everywhere (don’t worry it’s machine washable 😬).

Duck Wubbanub

I’ve never given either of my babies a traditional pacifier, but I do always have a wubbanub in my diaper bag when out in public in case of an “emergency”. It’s a great comfort item and this little duckie one is perfect for Easter.

Musical Stuffie

If you’re not into bunnies, duckies or lambs, you can go totally rogue. We have this musical stuffie that will match pastels in baby’s Easter basket. Plus, it plays a tune you won’t soon forget!

Hooded Towel

Consider sizing up when adding a hooded towel to your baby’s Easter basket. My baby grew out of his infant ones so fast! These ones here are available in different sizes and come in multiple styles that would look adorable in an Easter basket (and on baby too!).

Spring Outfit

Easter marks a change in the season and baby is growing so why not add a cute new outfit or soft sleeper to baby’s Easter basket? Then snap a photo of your little one in their new clothes to share with family or add to their baby book.

Baby’s First Easter Basket Toys

Crawler Bee

Now again, I like to be intentional when it comes to toys (for the most part anyway), meaning it should have purpose. For example, we have this bee toy that plays music and moves around the floor to encourage baby to crawl. It’s a great “keep ‘em busy” toy for sure (and bonus, even my 3 year old still likes it). It gives you a few moments to get stuff done… or ya know, sit down 😅.


A teether is a practical gift for baby‘s Easter basket, and I’m all about practical at this stage. My sons have always liked the silicone teethers the best, so I know something like this will feel good on my baby’s gums.

Finger Puppets

I bought this cute finger puppet set when my oldest son was a baby, and I always enjoyed interacting with him with these and making all the different animal sounds. Plus, if you don’t actually have Easter eggs yet for baby’s Easter basket, they come in eggs! (They also have a version without the eggs here). But even better than playing with the finger puppets, they don’t take up a lot of space in the house. Ha!


A rattle is a classic toy that every baby should own. In fact, one of my baby’s favorite toys is a maraca. Shake it, chew on it. All day long. So how about a cute bunny rattle for baby’s first Easter basket?

Snacky Baby Easter Basket Ideas

Peter Rabbit Organics Pouch

If you’re baby has started solids or is going to soon, the Peter Rabbit Organics pouches are a perfect filler for baby’s first Easter basket (or any fruit pouch, really). Until they can have candy, this is really as sweet as it gets!

Puffs, Teething Crackers & Crunchies

You can also include your baby’s favorite snack. My baby recognizes the Puffs container and gets super excited when I take it out of the cupboard so I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see it in his Easter basket. Or I might just fill a couple Easter eggs with Puffs for a fun little surprise.

Plate & Utensils For Baby’s Easter Basket

Baby’s Easter basket is also a good opportunity to start building a collection of plates and utensils. Trust me, it’s never too early. They’ll be eating like a toddler before you know it. I personally feel like we never have enough little forks and spoons, so if you have baby spoons already go for a toddler fork and spoon set. Then add an adorable duck plate and you’re done!

Final Thoughts On Baby’s First Easter Basket

I hope this list of cute baby Easter basket stuffers has given you some ideas of what to gift your little one. No need to over-do it. A few items is all baby needs for the holiday. Cheers and enjoy making memories on your baby’s first Easter!

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Baby Easter Basket / Baby Easter Basket Ideas

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